Nurse Practitioners

The practice employs a nurse practitioner who is able to consult and prescribe independently for most urgent conditions such as chest infections, coughs, colds, sore throats, insect bites, diarrhoea/vomiting, urine infections, hayfever etc. and is available, by appointment, both morning and afternoon.

Specialist Nurse-led Clinics

Our highly trained team of nurses hold regular weekly clinics for diabetes, coronary heart disease, asthma, hypertension and COPD. These clinics are for newly diagnosed patients and also for ongoing annual checks. You will be automatically recalled for a check-up where appropriate.

We also have three health care assistants who are available to do blood tests, blood pressure checks, height/weight monitoring and new registration health checks.

Our busy treatment room is available for dressings, advice and treatment for minor ailments, ECG tests etc. and injections. However, please be aware that we are not equipped to handle accident and emergency situations and for these you should attend your nearest A&E Hospital (Lancaster or Blackpool), by ambulance if necessary.

Well Baby Clinics

Regular baby clinics are held weekly on Thursdays. Vaccinations are given by the Nursing team and a doctor is present for developmental checks.

Cervical Cytology And Family Planning

A full service for cervical smears and family planning is carried out. Two of our doctors are ladies who have a special interest in gynaecological health and family planning. All our practice nurses are trained to perform smear tests.

Vaccinations And Immunisations

Childhood vaccinations are carried out in the baby clinics and the partners are keen to ensure that a full uptake of these immunisations is achieved. Parents/guardians will be contacted to remind them when their children’s vaccinations are due.

In addition, before every winter, influenza vaccinations are offered to those at special risk, and also to all patients over 65. It is strongly recommended that patients take up this invitation. We also offer pneumonia vaccination to patients at risk or those over 65. As this is a once only vaccination it is only needed if you have never been vaccinated for pneumonia before.

Adults need tetanus vaccinations every 10 years (or five in total) to ensure complete protection. Please make appointments with the practice nurse.

Travel Immunisation

This Service is currently suspended due to COVID-19

Travel Clinic is for all those who are travelling abroad for any reason, such as a holiday, business, school trip, gap year, study, visiting family, or voluntary work.

We are able to administer recommended vaccinations, including yellow fever vaccine, and advise about anti-malaria tablets if needed. We also give advice about non-vaccine preventable diseases, and general health tips to help you have a successful and healthy trip.

We run the clinic on a Tuesday afternoon, and recommend that you arrange an appointment at least 6 weeks before travelling. However, if your trip is last minute, please still contact us and we will endeavour to find a way to arrange vaccinations etc. If no appointments are available, we may need to ask you to attend the Walk in Centre at Whitegate Drive Primary Care Centre in this instance.

When you enquire about booking an appointment with us, you will be asked to fill in a pre-travel questionnaire. When this is returned to the Practice, we will be able to then book the travel clinic appointment for you.

Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your interesting travel plans!


Further Information