New patients/registering with us

We welcome any new patient that lives within the boundaries of the practice area.

You can apply to register with us by completing one of the registration forms and questionnaires available at reception.

We never discriminate on the grounds of age, sex, medical condition, race, disability or social class, and if we are unable to register you we will always provide you with a reason in writing.

Under the terms of the Department of Health contract for General Medical Services all patients are now registered with the practice rather than with an individual GP. However, you have the right to see a doctor of your choice and, where possible, we will observe this right. The receptionist will ask at the time of making an appointment if you have a preferred choice of doctor, and will provide a reasonable explanation if we cannot comply with this choice. All patients registering with the practice will be required to have an introductory medical examination. We consider this to be an important way of getting to know your medical history.


Further Information